• Chanel’s Collection Libre “Numéros Rouges”

    This makeup collection is made of contrasts that celebrate red, the iconic shade in the Chanel universe - from the legendary lipstick to a new emerald nail polish.

  • Gabrielle’s Exceptionalism Captured in Baccarat Crystal

    The new perfume Gabrielle by Chanel can now be discovered in an exceptional new edition, with a 900 ml Baccarat crystal flask.

  • The Louis Vuitton's Trunk

    Composed of giant trunks, the geniuses at Louis Vuitton have conceived a truly all-inclusive travel array for the most illustrious of personalities. From mythical trains to Transatlantic ocean liners, automobiles to the very first aircraft, Louis Vuitton trunks have traversed time and frontiers alike.

  • The Paris Ritz Hotel

    The illustrious Ritz hotel in Paris has reopened after four years of renovations. Time to go back on the history of this legendary location in the heart of the French capital.

  • Chanel Tweed

    Coco Chanel took on one of the most timeless and British of fabrics: tweed. And what she did with it goes beyond the essence of absolute elegance.

  • Jardin Majorelle, a Magical Place in Marrakech

    It's an enchanting and soothing universe that contrasts with the stirrings going on outside: a subtle murmur of a thousand and one birds that have made themselves at home, bulbuls or Middle Eastern nightingales. This is a work of art in movement, and it’s all taking place in the Jardin Majorelle.

  • The Breitling Navitimer Gets Down to the Split-Second

    For Baselworld 2017, Breitling introduced a brand new version of their iconic timepiece; the Navitimer is now equipped with its own split-second chronograph. This exploit was put on display at Baselworld.

ICON OF THE DAY - Jan 14th 2018
Mellerio: Prestigious Fits

The Ballon d’Or, the legendary Musketeers’ Cup: Mellerio’s trophies are coveted to say the least.

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HISTORY OF AN ICON - Jan 14th 2018
The Nike Logo, the Simple History of an Icon


Is there any more logo more iconic or memorable than Nike’s?

NEWS - Jan 11th 2018
The Accordion Bag by Chanel

This is far from the first outing for Gabrielle’s brand - but this time around there’s something irresistible in the mix…

HISTORY OF AN ICON - Jan 08th 2018
The Akoya Pearl Necklace by Mikimoto

Although Gabrielle Chanel was able to wear fake pearl necklaces with distinction, since 1893, Mikimoto Kichiki has dedicated the most precious and exceptional gems...

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NEWS - Dec 22nd 2017
The Reverso Tribute Duoface Presents Itself with a Bracelet from Casa Fagliano

Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced a partnership that’s at the height of its craft with Casa Fagliano for the Reverso Tribute Duoface.

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